Healthy Summer Solutions

With the end of a long and cold winter, summer is the time to rejuvenate and feel good. Since we are in charge of our destiny and health why not make smart and healthy choices starting now.

Buy Local Produce ~ Support your local farmer’s markets or create your own garden. There are amazing markets here in the northeast selling everything from homemade cheeses, pickles, breads and soaps to freshly picked berries and lettuce. By buying locally you are a part of the environmental solution reducing your carbon footprint and supporting local communities and families who farm. Patronize restaurants who use local ingredients, they are sustainable and more community oriented. What’s in season now? OR

Choose a Mineral Sunscreen over a Chemical One ~ Mineral based sunscreens are found mostly in health food stores and are made with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, both protective against UVA and UVB rays. Both are minerals found in nature known to be safe for your body and stable in sunlight. Some brands go on whiter than others…think a lifeguard’s nose. Others go on pretty clear. Mineral sunscreens are great because they begin working right away and stay on in the water although reapplication is advised. They are also reef safe unlike chemical sunscreens which are destroying coral and fish populations. Try John Masters Organics SPF 30 Sunscreen fortified with green tea, shea butter and calendula, ingredients protective against free radicals while moisturizing the skin at the same time.

Use eco friendly cleansers ~ Plant based surfactants kill 99.99% of bacteria. They create better air quality within your home and don’t expose us to common chemicals like phosphates, triclosan, coal tar dyes, ammonia, dioxane, DEA and chlorine which pollute our waters too. Seventh Generation and Earth Friendly Products make great household solutions.

Go Green with your Lawn ~ Long Island has a water problem. Excess nitrogen is polluting our ground water and bays. This stems from lawn fertilizers, septic systems and sewage plants. Ditch the chemical lawn fertilizers and weed killers. Choose pesticide free, organic lawn fertilizers that will keep your family, your pets and Long Island healthy. Learn more at

No More Bug Sprays ~ Insecticides are polluting the Earth one bug at a time. Whether you are spraying it on yourself, setting ant traps or spraying it into the air to kill flies or bees, it’s doing more harm than good. Citronella candles keep away flying insects, sprinkle corn starch where you have ants. There are great smelling, effective bug sprays available which keep bees, mosquitos, and ticks at bay.

Live in the moment but act for the future. Every decision we make will impact us and future generations.