Resolutions into Action

How do we keep promises we make to ourselves every January 1st? After countless January vision boards, fitness apps, self-help books and pep talks to myself I put my resolutions into action. When March rolls around this year the scoreboard will read: YOU - 10 DORITOS - 0.

I will…exercise more.
ACTION: Don’t over commit, choose three days spending one hour burning calories and enjoying yourself at the same time. Love dancing? Sign up for jazz, ballet, tap or Zumba. Time will pass so quickly you will forget you were exercising plus dancing burns a ton of Dorito calories. Tennis, volleyball, yoga, racquetball, fencing, swimming, rock climbing and spinning are all great exercise and fun too.

I will…go on a diet.
ACTION: 1-Empower yourself and read food labels. Most food manufacturers don’t have your best interest at heart, needing to increase profits and shelf life. This doesn’t serve your health and well being. Shop for food with five ingredients or less. 2-Avoid chemical sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup. 3-Incorporate vitamin rich greens into your daily meal with a salad or steamed broccoli or broiled kale drizzled with olive oil and sea salt. 4-Choose cruelty free animal products where the animal had a good life. 5-Limit wheat intake. I love bread but it has little nutritional value and leaves me tired and bloated. 6-Add fiber with beans, greens and oatmeal which aid in the elimination of toxins, excess cholesterol and fats. If you start with these few actions, you will see amazing results in your skin, weight, vitality and health. You don’t have to give up every snack mankind has created just choose wisely. Have one cup of baked potato chips with potatoes, oil and salt instead of Doritos which contain over thirty ingredients.

I will….text less, meditate more, work less, be happier, curse less, turn off TV, do more community work.
ACTION: Balance your time texting, computing, facebooking, tweeting and channel surfing on TV. Enjoy a weekend long computer Sabbath. My computer goes off Friday night until Sunday night. With more free time I am doing fun stuff; movies, reading, a massage, Zumba, lunch out, library visit, homespun pedicure, making a new recipe. Have you forgotten what it’s like to have no computer because it’s been so long? Refresh your memory, have fun with your time.

We all want perfection but there’s no such thing. Simple solutions work. And if you see me at a party eating a Dorito-don’t judge. It was the snack of my childhood and it was a party I didn’t throw.