Live Clean in 2014

Living a natural life benefits you and the Earth. Small changes will enhance health, well-being and quality of life. Here are 14 changes you can make for a healthier 2014.

Ditch the toxic hair dye
Hair dye has countless toxins and allergens including ammonia, resorcinol and PPD which can cause dermatitis, flaking and hair loss. Dyes in health food stores like Wild by Nature and Whole Foods sell safer permanent dyes and Henna. Henna colors and conditions your hair using plant based color. The powder can be a little messy but Surya Brasil sells liquid hennas which are easy to apply and a healthy alternative.

Digital Sabbatical
Take a break from texting and the computer. Constant computer use is additive and unhealthy. Studies are now looking at the correlation between digital overuse and anxiety.

Eliminate Bottled Water
Try a filter on your sink and a reusable water bottle to eliminate plastic consumption. Plastic is made from petroleum, another dependency on oil. Continual exposure to plastics causes hormonal disruptions in the human body.

Meditate Daily
Daily meditation promotes feelings of well-being. A few small moments on a daily basis can change your outlook on life and help you cope with stress more easily.

Eliminate High Fructose Corn Syrup and Artificial Sweetener
Our organs have a hard time processing these unrecognizable, unnatural ingredients. Go natural with cane sugar, stevia or agave.

Support Non-GMO Food Products
US Factory farming and large agricultural companies are producing genetically modified seeds with pesticides implanted within. We don’t know the long term effects on the Earth or the human body. Europe requires companies to identify GMO ingredients on the labels. Europeans know they are bad and won’t buy them hence manufactures have already stopped using them because they don’t sell. Avoid GMO crops: corn, rice, some tomatoes, soy, white potatoes, cottonseed oil, peas, Canola oil, Hawaiian papaya, crook neck squash, some Zucchini, and alfalfa hay for animal feed. Write to companies and tell them NO GMO! Check out

Swap toxic household cleaners for eco friendly ones
Plant based surfactants kill 99.99% of bacteria. They create better air quality within your home and are safe for kids and pets plus they don’t pollute the oceans, rivers and streams.

Find an organic dry cleaner
Dry Cleaning solution is loaded with toxic chemicals.

Eat Vegan or Vegetarian once per week
It’s not necessary to eat meat at every meal. Veggies have more nutrients and fiber and are easy to digest.

Buy Cruelty Free
Supporting farms who treat their animals well means quality of life for all in our collective unconscious.

Support local farmers
Small crops equals better food and stronger community.

Cleanup your skincare
Avoid sulfates and parabens.

Go Fluoride Free
Fluoride is old school. Natural toothpaste has natural flavors and no artificial sweeteners.

Take Vitamin D
Go to the doctor and have your blood levels checked. One study showed women above a blood level of 70 had no occurrence of breast cancer. Enough said.