Live Toxin Free in 2015

Avoiding chemicals and food additives has a noticeable effect on your health, appearance and well being. Start with these tips to live well in 2015.

Detox your skin
Our skin is our largest organ. It is able to rid our bodies of toxins through sweat yet also absorb toxins through the skin from everyday cosmetics.
~Drink several glasses of water each day to help your body flush out toxins. Water will also plump up and hydrate your cells and make your skin more radiant and supple.
~Exfoliating your body with a sugar or salt scrub will help rid dead skin cells allowing your skin to regenerate, breathe and help rid the toxins.
~Using natural skincare products will nourish your skin and limit the intake of chemicals absorbed through your skin. Look for USDA, EcoCert or visit for brands.
~Choose natural hair products without sulfates and artificial ingredients. I like John Masters Organics, which are 70-100% organic.
~Clay facial masks draw out impurities while leaving your skin hydrated and glowing.
~Take a hot bath using products made with salts and essentials oils. Avoid unnatural perfumes or dyes in products.
~Using a home sauna or one at the gym is relaxing and helps promote sweating which intensifies the excretion of toxins.

Watch your diet
In order to have our body be it’s most glorious we need to give it the best of everything. The quality of what is in our food has so much to do with our health and well-being.
~Read labels; eliminate dyes, hydrogenated oils, preservatives and high fructose corn syrup.
~Liver supplements are great for liver support. Find one at the health food store.
~Ditch the alcohol, sodas and sugary drinks.
~Drink green tea for it’s antioxidant benefits.
~Eliminate or reduce processed foods.
~Drink fresh juices or a high quality powdered green mix like Amazing Grass.
~Choose organic whenever possible especially fruits and veggies from the “dirty dozen” list
~Choose grass fed, free range and cruelty free meats and eggs.

A mindful home
The continual exposure to chemicals in our home causes allergies, immune problems and long-term heath risks.
~Choose plant-based cleansers which kill 99.99% of germs. They create better air quality and do not contain phosphates, triclosan, coal tar dyes, ammonia, DEA, dioxane and chlorine.
~Clean wood floors with a bucket of water mixed with 1 cup of white vinegar to make them clean without harsh chemicals that do not biodegrade.
~Use eco-friendly dish and laundry detergents, which do not contain phosphates, dioxin and petro chemicals, ingredients which pollute streams and oceans. We need to do what we can to ensure the Long Island water supply is safe for now and the future
~Avoid lawn fertilizers and insect killers containing toxins which expose adults, kids and pets to known carcinogens. Nitrogen from fertilizers, sewage plants and septic systems are contaminating our water supply. Find out more at

Make 2015 a happy and healthy year. It’s never too late to make changes that your family, your neighbors and OUR Earth in a positive way.