Green Up Your Life

Greening up your life is becoming more necessity, less choice. With exposure to daily toxins in our homes, beauty products and food, it’s more crucial than ever to empower your life with greener choices.
The average person is exposed to hundreds of chemicals every day by way of their cosmetic drawer. From your toothpaste with fluoride to your deodorant with aluminum, personal care products are one of the easiest culprits to fix. More and more companies are using natural ingredients that achieve the same purpose even better.
Top offenders to avoid in personal care
Sulfates derived from petroleum are commonly founds in shampoos and toothpaste. Look for sulphate free products which are not derived from crude oil.
Parabens in beauty products are preservatives that been found in breast cancer tissue. These are commonly listed as methylparaben or proplyparaben.
Phthalates are chemical compounds commonly founds in perfumes and dyes known to cause hormonal disruptions. Choose fragrance from essential oils.
Try chemical free skincare found in Whole Foods, Wild by Nature or health food stores.

Your home should be your sanctuary
It shouldn’t be a chemical dumping ground. Glass, oven, floor and surface cleaners expose us to countless carcinogens. Yes they kill germs but so do plant based cleaners without the harmful side effects. Eco-friendly cleaners cleanse effectively and leave your home smelling like citrus or lavender, not ammonia and fake fragrance. Avoid dish and laundry detergents with phosphates, dioxin and petrochemicals which are polluting our streams and oceans and are common skin irritators.
Try Meyers, Seventh Generation or Earth Friendly Products.

Mother Nature is telling us enough is enough
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a mass made of plastic is floating around the Pacific and planet Earth is crying for help. There is a price to pay every time we use plastic bags, plastic water bottles, plastic wrap, food containers and more. Over use of plastic is destroying the oceans and washing up on coasts all over the world.
Use less plastic in practical ways
Bring your own canvas shopping bag
, after use put back in the car for next time.
Avoid plastic wrap or one-time use food storage bags. Use glass covered containers or a dish with a saucepan lid which is cheap, easy and always on hand.
Filter your home water faucet and use a stainless steel water bottle and glass pitcher in fridge. Save tons of money, time and plastic not buying bottles anymore.
With a global initiative in place, we can make the world a healthier place for everyone. But it starts in our own homes first.
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